Pets For Adoption | St. Clair College


If you are looking for a new cat or dog, please contact Betsy Wismer, RVT, Vet Tech Program Technician, to make an appointment.


The Veterinary Technician Program is dedicated to teaching, learning and giving many animals a second chance at finding new, loving homes. Through education and hands-on learning, our students are able to improve many animal lives. Students, staff and the community are invited to adopt animals from our facility when the animals have been temperament tested and examined for medical concerns.

Our adoptable dogs  have had the following medical and health treatments:

  • Heartworm check
  • Vaccinations
  • Parasite Check and Deworming
  • Spay/Neuter (depending on age and condition)

Our adoptable cats  have had the following medical and health treatments:

  • Vaccinations
  • Parasite Check and Deworming
  • Spay/Neuter (depending on age and condition)

We have many repeat customers and we strive to make sure that the animal you choose will fit your lifestyle and family.

The viewing of animals is by appointment only!

If a potential adopter is interested in one of the pets, they must email Betsy Wismer with their information.

This is who is looking for a new home this month:


Breed: Terrier Mix

Colour: Black/Tan/White

Age: ~ 4 Years Old

Gender: Male

Meet Eddie, he is a roughly 4-year-old mixed breed. Small but full of life!

Would be better suited with a family that has older children.

He is very loving and full of kisses, friendly with everyone he meets!

Breed: Chihuahua

Colour: Brown

Age: 2.5 Years Old

Gender: Male

This Chihuahua is looking for a loving adult home.

He is a bit submissive and slow to warm up but is full of love to give once he knows you; very typical of a Chihuahua.

He would do well with another dog in the home. Chihuahua's make great companions, they are very loyal and loving and he has all those characteristics.

His photos aren't great, he can't sit still!

Breed: Rottweiler Mix

Colour: Black/Tan

Gender: Female

This medium-sized, female Rottweiler mix is looking for a forever home with a fenced yard and lots of walks in the park.

She loves people and snuggling too!

She has a great personality but in her past life did not get much attention or socialization with the world around her, however, she is doing extremely well and adapts quickly.


Breed: Domestic Short Hair

Colour: Mixed

Age: 8 Months

Gender: Female (Spayed)

Meet Tsuki. She is a spayed female, 8-month-old Domestic Shorthair.

She is super fun, playful and is very affectionate. She is used to being around other cats as well but would be fine on her own.

She is ready and super hopeful to find a forever home!

Guinea Pigs

Breed: Guinea Pig

Colour: Mixed

Age: 4 Months Old

Very healthy, happy little pigs! They make excellent pets for children.

We have 5 females and 2 males available. They will come with a small amount of food to get you started.


Breed: Long-Evans

Colour: Multi-Coloured

Age: < 1 Years Old

This particular breed is known for its docile, friendly demeanour. They are very social and smart and make great pets.

We have both males and females looking for new homes right away.